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General Features

3-point tractor hydraulic lines are connected.
The pressure required for spraying is provided with hydraulic diaphragm pumps.
The pump is PTO movement.
The standard pumps are used in the production of Lusna.
Spray the fiberglass tank (reinforced) or polyethylene tank is used.
The machine is located on the turbo-fan movement PTO provides compressed air around the propeller.
act as a standard belt-pulley assembly is transferred to the turbo fan.
The fan is located on a really empty at any time by the differential rotation of the propeller is prevented.
air flow from the fan's moving propeller can be controlled by setting the direction.
nozzles on the fan angle (beam) and direction by setting or plaques can be adjusted by changing the throw distance and the amount of the drug excreted.
Regulator valves on the dispenser using the right, left or both directions can be awarded in medicine.
Turbo fan offers an average shot distance.
Optional Features
Comet brand Italian pumps can be used.
Turbo fan, can be added to the appropriate units.
Turbo front of the fan spray or hose winding apparatus can be connected to the handle.
Motion transmission, 3 stage (slow / fast speed - empty stage) can be achieved with the transmission.
Turbo fans, and plastic or brass bead breaker breaker or drip nozzle turbo
use it.
The machine gun next to the hose can be given as an option
Any two sequential high trees, orchards, vineyards, sugar beet, cotton, tobacco, hops ilalamasında
200 l, 300 l, 400 l, 500 l, 600 l


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