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General Features

connected to the tractor hydraulic arms 3 noktandan.
PTO pump is the movement of
The standard pumps are used in the production of Lusna
Spray the fiberglass tank (reinforced) or polyethylene used in warehouse
Pesticide, spray arms are bolted to the chassis is made up of 4
Spray arms are used as a standard brass nozzle body clamp
Spray arm mounting holes on the chassis of the machine thanks to the upper or lower
height adjustment is done manually by moving the points.
Preparations of cereals, sugar beet, cereal crops, such as infested field can be used against the harmful haşarelere and diseases.
the destruction of unwanted plants and weeds can be used.
200 LT 300 LT 400 LT 500 LT 600 LT
Optional Features
Italian pumps can be used on machines Comet
Spray arms taper (holder) of breast or plastic nozzle (single, triple, quad) are also available.
Spray arm columned frame can be used to remove a higher distance.

Turbo Atomizers 400 LT Turbo Atomizers
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